Newtek Business Services

Creating a Thought Leader and National Expert on Small Business Issues

BACKGROUND: Barry Sloane, founder of Newtek Business Services, a company that supports small businesses by offering health care insurance, loans, payroll systems and other services, was literally an unknown commodity and had never been on TV when he was told he would receive top-tier media coverage.

CHALLENGES: Once we had the go-ahead to create issue-oriented campaigns, we recognized that we had to be careful to develop platforms and promote issues that wouldn’t take political sides and potentially offend clients and investors.

CAMPAIGN: A PR campaign was constructed that positioned Sloane as the leading voice (in addition to the SBA) for the nation’s small businesses.Following the news very carefully, Sloane was pitched against numerous hot-button issues from Capitol Hill policies to the debilitating environment for small businesses as banks increasingly reduced or denied loans, seriously stifling growth. In addition, Sloane opposed many of President Obama’s small business initiatives and was willing to share his views with the media. Op-ed pieces by Sloane were also placed in the national media.

RESULTS: Sloane was regularly interviewed on Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, CNBC and other major media outlets as one of the nation’s leading small business experts. The high-profile TV coverage was leveraged to persuade Forbes to feature Sloane as a regular columnist with his articles bylined with the Newtek name and branding:
“Newtek – The Small Business Authority.
We provide solutions for small businesses across the country.

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