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What Our Clients and Others Say About Us

           “I wanted to write you to thank you for doing such a superb job on our PR around our initiatives around the film “Defiance”. You are not only creative and hard-working, but you are so persistent and followed up so well with the reporters to get us press in USA Today, the New York Daily News, The Forward,, among others, all in less than a month’s time and at very reasonable rates. 

          And you did much more than just handle our PR. You helped get teachers and teachers’ associations on board to utilize our curriculum, achieving both our strategic and PR goals at the same time. Thank you!

        The coverage has been incredibly helpful for us. Since the articles ran the traffic to our website has increased significantly, and our board, staff, and other key stakeholders have been very pleased. All the kudos should go to you. I am so grateful that we made the decision to work with you and hire Awaken PR. Thank you again for a fantastic job!”

Mitch Braff, Founder and Executive Director

         “When you are seeking to promote yourself and create your brand identity and marketing message, it is essential to have the motivation and clarity of someone like Gail Fitzer behind you. 

         Gail has so far been instrumental in creating a professional, effective and beautifully designed website, logo and ad for me at very reasonable costs. And Gail is a breath of fresh air to talk to when it comes to ideas on how to navigate your PR and social media. 

        Gail’s drive to make you succeed is almost more than your own drive. Each time we speak, I am amazed at Gail’s genuine interest in the project. Gail listens and understands the vision that you are looking to promote or depict. Gail’s recollection of each concept I had mentioned at previous meetings is registered and incorporated into the final product. 

        Hiring Gail and AWAKEN PR has been a great decision. I have been thrilled with Gail’s work and her dedication. In short, Gail is AMAZING.”

Cynthia Kaplan Shamash, author of "The Strangers We Became: Lessons in Exile from One of Iraq's Last Jews"

“Raina Grossman is:

  1. Brilliant
  2. An original and critical thinker
  3. A team player
  4. Has an outstanding work ethic”

Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean

        ” Gail Fitzer is exceptional. She works hard, keeps up to date and meets deadlines. Gail is one of the few people I’ve met in public relations who has been reliable. Gail is outstanding. She teaches what great public relations can do. 

       Gail always keeps her word, and is both an excellent editor and writer, which is a rare combination. When I read the articles that she wrote, she always captured the essential elements and added new insights. I always looked forward to reading her articles. Gail has a special enthusiasm for her work and she performs her job at a superb level.”

Dr. Joseph Indelicato, Director of Undergraduate Social Sciences at Touro College

          “Jeff Jacomowitz was always available for anything and everything that arose. He marketed the hospital and Emergency Medicine at every opportunity … Jeff Jacomowitz was great to work with and knew his job and the business.”

Eileen Yost, Director of Nursing, Emergency Medicine, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital (now Mount Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai West)

          “The can’t miss story of the week was from Gail Fitzer: 20-year-old Chelsea Stepp wrote the song, ‘Beautiful Blessing’ about her sister who has autism.  The song is a tear-jerker and so was the response from our community after we posted the video on our website. The post received thousands of shares, likes and comments on social media, which provoked Chelsea to share this response on our site:

         ‘You have no idea how much your words mean to me. This is something very dear to my heart, and I have been following Autism Speaks for quite some time. Being able to reach out to people is exactly what I wanted to come out of releasing this song. For you to be able to say that you understand or that you can relate in some way is amazing. I could not ask for a better gift. Thank you so much for sharing, Autism Speaks. And thank YOU to every lovely person who has watched, shared, and said so many kind words’.

        And it gets better.  Thanks to the outpouring of support from our community, Chelsea performed at the Tennessee Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Nashville.”

Michael Wuebben, former Vice President of Digital Strategy; current Assignment Editor at CBS News


        “Gail Fitzer served as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Touro Links, the print and online magazine of Touro College’s Division of Graduate Studies.

         As Dean of one of the Graduate Schools of Touro, I had the privilege of working together with Gail as she designed and implemented an exciting and masterfully produced magazine containing news, interviews, and in-depth feature stories about our diverse graduate programs. 

       I was most impressed by Gail’s talented and spirited writing, her excellent editing skills, and her experienced and effective style of interviewing. She also is personable, conscientious, and a person of great integrity. She is a superb professional, and will be an asset to any client or first-rate online or print medium. I recommend Gail to you with enthusiasm.”

Dr. Michael A. Shmidman, Dean of the Touro College Graduate School of Jewish Studies and Victor J. Selmanowitz Chair in Jewish History

         Gail went above and beyond her duty in efforts to publicize the worldwide webcast of the Unity Lecture featuring (UK) Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. 

        Despite the short notice (and shoestring budget), Gail immediately devoted herself to the task. Equally impressive was her attention to detail. Gail made sure she understood every aspect of the program and how we wanted it presented to the public. The comprehensive, well-written press release that resulted was truly a masterpiece. Thank you, Gail.”

Mindy Wallach, Director of Continuing Education

             “Jeff Jacomowitz always was respected and beloved by his colleagues in the department.  Many of them often turned to Jeff for private counsel and advice, and his door was always open to them.  He was the consummate “team player.”

Jim Mandler, former VP of Communications, Beth Israel Medical Center (now Mount Sinai Beth Israel), currently VP of Communications at NYU Langone

          “The exposure Jeff has given me has been so valuable for me and for my practice.  The way he gets NYC media to drive to Long Island to interview me says a lot about his trust.”

Kavita Mariwalla, Dermatologist, Mariwalla and Associates

        “When it comes to media, Gail is like one of those ‘Former-IRS’ agents you hire to get the IRS off your back. She’s the person you want on your side! While at the Hollywood Reporter, she would ‘hunt me down’ and extract details she needed in order to get a killer story. She knew what it took to get a story approved by her editor and the exact formula needed to make it really work. Her real-world experience makes Awaken PR my #1 recommendation to clients looking for top exposure!”

Jeff Greenfield, Co-Founder and COO of C3 Metrics; worked with Gail as Executive VP of 1st Approach Marketing

         “Working with Gail on a story was always a great experience. She has a great nose for news — if she bites on a pitch, you know you have something — and she’s one of the most thorough journalists I’ve ever worked with. She never got one fact wrong in the years I worked with her, and she really knows how to tell a story.  Gail was a strong journalist, and she’s carried her strengths forward into the realm of PR.”

Jason Rzepka, Director of Cultural Engagement Everytown for Gun Safety; worked with Gail as Senior Director of Public Affairs for MTV

             “Anytime I need a doctor, Jeff Jacomowitz comes through for me.  He’s a one-stop shop”

Mary McGeever, Producer, WCBS-TV 2 New York

      “For three years, Gail served as editor-in-chief for Touro Links, the alumni, faculty and staff magazine of the Division of Graduate Studies at Touro College. In that capacity, she developed and launched the magazine and was involved in all phases of production including researching and reporting stories; conducting interviews; writing feature articles, news stories, profiles and enterprise pieces; content and copy editing; proofreading; photography, and layout and design for the print version of each issue.

      Faculty, staff and students at Touro were thrilled with Touro Links, which provided the Division of Graduate Studies with its first magazine ever. Gail also spearheaded and oversaw the creation of the Touro Links website. She posted articles and photos to the site and worked closely with web designers to ensure that the website content and design were of the highest quality.

      Gail is a highly skilled writer and both her writing and editing skills were continuously been praised by deans, faculty and staff at Touro as well as other readers of Touro Links. Despite enormous obstacles, Gail produced a superb magazine that served as a marketing, public relations and recruitment tool for the Division of Graduate Studies as well as a platform to showcase the many accomplishments of the Division, its faculty, students and alumni.

      Gail has always performed every task with an extremely high level of enthusiasm, determination and professionalism. She has a very strong work ethic and is dedicated to producing superior content. Gail is extraordinarily persistent and will do whatever is necessary to report a story, publish a top-rate magazine or accomplish any task she sets her mind to.

      On a personal note, I must say that it has been a pleasure working with Gail. She is fair-minded, intelligent and extremely self-motivated. She approaches her professional responsibilities with a sense of optimism and respect for all. In short, any client that is fortunate enough to hire Gail and AWAKEN PR will benefit tremendously from her talents and skills.”

Dr. Nicholas Aiello, former Director of the Office of Outreach and Publication Services at Touro College