5 Steps To Increase Results From PR

Your public relations strategy has an immense impact on the success of your business. Take your PR efforts to the next level by implementing these effective tactics!

Although many businesses and organizations claim to have public relations strategies, there is still some misunderstanding around what exactly PR is and the extraordinary benefits it can achieve. Knowing best practices and insider tips can drastically improve the results you see from your PR efforts, so we’ve highlighted them in this blog for your reference.

At Awaken PR, our team’s extensive background in marketing, journalism, and client-facing PR work has given us the insight and foresight necessary to know what makes a PR strategy successful, as well as how to adapt methodologies over time to address contemporary issues and societal changes. To receive further guidance on maximizing the business-enhancing capabilities of public relations, please contact Awaken PR today!

  1. Personalize your brand

  2. Custom-tailor your content

  3. Make meaningful connections

  4. Diversify distribution methods

  5. Shift strategy when needed

Personalize Your Brand

Every brand should have a mission and a purpose, whether you’re a large company or a small business. Identifying your organization’s values, its voice and its overall vision will help you customize your brand and stand out from the crowd. In this way, your audiences will come to see you less as a brand and more as a relatable personality.

Cultivate Content

From the words on a website to the details of an email, the content you create for your organization or business has an immense impact on public relations and how different demographics will perceive it. In our modern market, the digital sphere reigns supreme, and online content is considered a form of currency. By building up your cache of press releases, blogs, web pages, social media posts and more, you’ll gradually increase the value of your business, brand, or product, helping your site rank higher on search engines — and rank more favorably in the eyes of the public.

Make Meaningful Connections

For all that its name suggests, there is a surprising amount of public relations strategies that fail to address authentic connections with the public. Sure, you can provide contact information and forms on your business website, but without engaging content and meaningful conduits to facilitate interaction, you’ll never truly win over the media professionals and consumers you need to keep your organization afloat. Focus on communicating with your audiences in ways both direct and indirect; that is, engage with them through email, phone or face-to-face communication, but also make sure that your content (website, press releases, etc.) is designed and delivered in such a way that they feel both listened to and understood.

Shift Strategy When Needed

Even in times of uncertainty, the world continues to shift and evolve. Any successful PR strategy should align itself with these natural developments, whether it’s making a statement on your COVID-19 policy or reinforcing your mission by sharing your commitment to social justice and other cause-driven endeavors.

By incorporating the five tactics mentioned above, you can increase the likelihood of getting better results from your PR efforts. For more information about best practices regarding public relations, please reach out to Awaken PR today!