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Media Relations

We achieve high-profile media placements for our clients on a consistent basis. We have an extraordinary track record in achieving national coverage for all of our clients, even little-known non-profits and startups. As former journalists, we know exactly how to turn your organization, company or product news into a compelling story journalists will be eager to cover, write press releases that read like news stories, and how to successfully pitch your story because we know how journalists think.

As a result, we consistently achieve high profile media interviews and coverage for our clients with top tier media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, CBS This Morning, MTV, ESPN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Thomson Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, Time, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Crain’s and Fast Company, among many others.

Public Affairs

We develop and implement multi-platform campaigns that mobilize grassroots support, identify and engage key influencers and utilize all communications channels to sway public opinion and effect legislative and social change. We set up meetings with editorial boards and news directors; seek out political and celebrity endorsements; write powerful editorials, talking points, blogs, articles and speeches; achieve high-profile media placements, and develop viral and innovative social media campaigns in our public affairs work.

Crisis Communications

We help clients prepare for potential PR crises and react quickly and decisively to turn the story around and prevent damage to their reputation if they do encounter negative publicity. We devise the most creative and effective communications strategies possible to put the best spin on a negative story and change the media narrative.

Event Planing

We plan press conferences and high-profile events to introduce or promote your brand or cause to the media, bloggers and influencers, Whenever possible, we book talent, politicians and celebrities to create exciting and newsworthy events the media will be eager to cover. We utilize our traditional PR and social media strategies to maximize publicity and results for your event.

Media & Marketing Strategy

With many years of experience in both PR and journalism, we are experts in devising and implementing highly effective integrated communications plans for our clients that help them achieve not only their public relations goals but also their marketing and business goals. When our startup and non profit clients come to us seeking media coverage but don’t have a strong enough story to tell, we devise and implement marketing strategies that will help them achieve the high-profile visibility and media coverage they’re seeking.

Media Training

We teach our clients how to speak to reporters during interviews and at events so they get maximum positive publicity and know how to avoid the pitfalls of negative media coverage. Through individual training sessions, we help our clients frame their most pertinent messages and to stay on point even if a reporter leads the interview in an unexpected direction. We make sure our clients are camera-ready, prepared to answer tough questions and in control throughout the interview no matter what questions are asked. We have successfully trained celebrities and the leaders of start-ups, established brands and nonprofit organizations to speak in their most authentic voice. We also coach our clients to deliver more dynamic and persuasive speeches and sales presentations.

Thought Leadership

We have a distinct specialty in helping to turn leaders of any business or organization into experts in their fields that reporters and producers will want to interview repeatedly for their news stories. We position you to promote a point of view that educates your audience, and strengthens your relationship with them. We help you develop topics and themes that reinforce your brand and build a platform to communicate your expertise through articles, blogs, commentaries and media interviews.